A Guide to Artificial Succulents

A Guide to Artificial Succulents

Perhaps you are one of those people who can't fathom why on earth anyone would want to trade real living plants for artificial succulents. Read on because you might just get converted. On the other hand, you may already be sold on the idea of artificial succulents but need some advice on what's available at the Home Staging Warehouse and where they are likely to work best in your home or office.

A Guide to Artificial Succulents

What may surprise you most of all is that not all artificial succulents are created equal and when you choose well they can work to great effect. Thanks to modern materials and creative techniques, our faux plants can be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Why choose artificial succulents?

While the real thing doesn't actually need a great deal of maintenance, there will be situations where living plants are likely to be neglected either because time is limited or there just isn't anyone to take care of them. Another one of the top reasons for choosing artificial succulents is that they are great for darker areas of the home or office and places that don't have the benefit of natural daylight. Obviously, real plants wouldn't survive in such environments and the artificial version could be the only logical choice.

Areas of the home or office including bathrooms and reception areas can really benefit from some of these top quality artificial succulents. They also work well anywhere you would otherwise use the real thing, and apart from regular cleaning, they are virtually maintenance free.

Creating artificial succulents

From real silk for the flowers to the very latest plastics for the stems, artificial succulents take advantage of some of the most innovatively created materials available. It is these technologies and creative design techniques that have recently brought the appearance of our faux plants much closer to the real thing.

Where perfectly matched color and texture may once have been a stumbling block for those creating artificial succulents, these modern methods have well and truly nailed it.

Succulent Artificial Plant in Brown Planter

A diverse and varied selection of artificial succulents

The good news is that there is a huge choice and selection available here at the Home Staging Warehouse when considering artificial succulents, whether you want to get creative and make your own displays or take advantage of the thousands of ready-made displays that come complete with beautifully designed pots or bowls.

Home Staging Warehouse can create the most stunning effects of color and variety to brighten up even the gloomiest of places. Whether you want splashes of color or just a fresh green plant to add some depth, there is an artificial succulent to suit.

Better than the real thing

Crazy as it may sound, faux succulents actually have some winning advantages over real plants. Maintenance and value-for-money aside, color and texture options are almost without limit. Stunning hues and vibrant shades can be achieved with artificial succulents that leave living plants behind. While nature is highly creative, there is no limit to the color and texture choices of artificial plants we have available. The upshot of this "blank canvas" is an almost limitless artistic and creative license when it comes to creating the most stunning displays.

Choosing what works best

Dependent on what you are working to achieve from your artificial succulent display, there is a wide choice of materials and ready-made displays available. From barrow grass as a base to colored star cacti and Pachyphytum, creating a backdrop for a bold feature plant or centerpiece couldn't be simpler.

Although there is no shortage of vibrant looking green succulents to be found at Home Staging Warehouse, even the most subtle of colors will add that all important extra dimension to your display. While, by their very nature, many succulents are "low lying" plants, there are still plenty of taller varieties, even among the real thing. With the increased scope and choice that artificial succulents provide, some striking effects can be created using taller pieces in a display.

Less really can be more

One other great advantage that faux succulents and other artificial plants provide is that if your display doesn't work or you simply fancy something different, it's really easy to change. Furthermore, you are guaranteed not to be lumbered with the guilt that often follows when living plants that are transplanted or moved to another location later die.

Mini Agave Planters - Home Staging Warehouse
Artificial succulents are perfect for adding a lifelike presence to empty shelves and other open storage spaces. This is especially true of high places where maintaining real plants may be a difficult or bothersome task. Just a few small but taller items that are strategically placed can alter the whole aspect of a room, hallway, or reception area. Small pots with trailing succulents are also ideal for the upper levels of wall storage units and those flush fitting open display boxes that are so popular these days.

Making the best use of glass, ceramics, and other containers

Setting low-lying succulents in shallow see-through glass planters filled with colored miniature aggregates will add yet another dimension to a display. These will create an interesting focal point anywhere, but they work especially well when placed on storage units or shelves at eye level.

The opposite is probably true of wider pots and planters that are more often placed on desks, countertops, tables, and other surfaces that are below waist height.

In such areas as these, bright colored ceramic containers where the plants are set in bright white chippings or even beads can work to great effect. Rustic wooden faux planters either in a natural or colored finish work to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, especially where more intricate displays of artificial succulents are used.

Enjoying the difference

From copycat cacti to pseudo succulents, the options are virtually endless at Home Staging Warehouse. Vibrant colors and a myriad of subtle natural greens will ensure that every area of your home or office benefits from the stunning effects that these cleverly designed faux plants provide. Get creative today and enjoy the difference that artificial succulents can make.

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