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Home Staging Resource - About HSR

The Home Staging Resource (HSR) was launched in July of 2006 by Audra Slinkey who is the creator and President of the HSR Training. 

Audra started the 21-Day, HSR Certification training after being a home stager (she owns Staging San Diego to this day), and seeing that there was no viable, training options available at the time that truly taught a successful business and marketing model for stagers to follow.

Pioneering Online HSR Training

Since most people back in 2006 had never even heard of the term "home staging" there was no Yellow Page category for it and the only way a home stager could market themselves credibly would be online.  Audra's background was Internet marketing and online training to Fortune 500 companies, so she knew A LOT about getting seen and appearing credible online! As an expert at staging, design, color and internet marketing, the combination serves HSR graduates well and is the reason why she has the highest success rate of students!   The majority of the RESA award winning stagers are HSR Grads.

Audra's passion is helping those with a gift in design start a successful business!  She is proud to say she has personally mentored over 4000 successful, small staging businesses within the industry! 

Since there's so much to know in this industry, having online training vs classroom is essential!  You need to be able to hit the "rewind" button to truly absorb the training material...in a classroom, you can't do that.

HSR was the first RESA Accredited Staging Training back in 2009!

A Message From the President:  Audra SlinkeyAudra Slinkey who is the creator and President of the HSR Training

Dear Reader,

I know it's tough navigating all of the staging training choices out there these days, but I truly hope you will join HSR and work with me.  I can promise you that you will love the HSR home staging certification training and love this amazing industry!

I've been doing this a long time and it's never been a better time to become a home stager and redesigner...the market is hot!

This site was created for Professionals in the field of home staging and redesign, whether you are a Professional Home Stager, Realtor, Redesigner or Decorator, regardless of your affiliation, we want you to be successful in educating the public on the benefits of home staging and redesign. We welcome everyone and want to create a sense of community in our industry. Everything you need to succeed in this business is in here!

In all of our products and services, you will find extreme value that will exceed your expectations...I promise you!  We take pride in our work, as I know you do yours. We offer a self-paced, 21-Day training program that is unsurpassed in our industry and focuses on getting your business up and running successfully AND immediately. Because we are web based, we are able to constantly offer training, tools, forms and resources to our HSR Members within our Member Area without the expense of travel on you part, so you're always evolving your business and learning.