How to Clean Artificial Plants

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Here are some tips for cleaning artificial plants and fake flowers...

Gently shake the plant to dislodge the top layer of dust. Alternatively, aim a hair dryer on the leaves. Removing dust on the surface of fake plants makes them much easier to clean.

Clean silk stems individually by inserting them, flower-end first into a pillowcase. Add a cup of table salt or cornmeal and then hold the pillowcase closed around the stems. Gently shake the pillowcase to allow the salt or cornmeal to knock away the remaining dust on the plants. Remove the stems one at a time making sure to gently shake them to remove remaining salt before rearranging them in a container.

Clean plastic and polyester plants in a sink or shower. Tie up a plastic sack around the foot of the stem to prevent water from getting into the container. Rinse the plants under steady streams of cold water. Refrain from using hot water because it may cause the colors of your fake plant to run. If your plants are excessively dirty, put them in a sink filled with cold water and add a tablespoonful of liquid detergent. Rinse with a hose sprayer.

Worse than lack of plants and trees in a home or office is having dead plants around. That is why many people put some thought into having artificial plants in their homes and office due to their low maintenance requirement. Artificial plants are as effective at enhancing the ambiance of a living space or office.