SLS Academy - Styled, Listed, & Sold (SLS) Academy

Styled, Listed, & Sold Academy creates professional training that teaches:

  • How to become a home stager
  • How to grow your staging business
  • How to continue developing your staging skills throughout your career


Comprehensive High-Quality Training

There’s always something new to learn — that’s our motto! There are plenty of micro-courses out there that push home staging as a zero-investment business that you can launch without a care in the world…

That’s not how we do things over here. We create systems that support your creative staging, provide an in-depth look at preparing a home for sale, and cover all aspects of running or being a part of a thriving staging business.

If you have a creative eye, passion for homes, and determination to learn the skill of staging to the highest standard, you’ve come to the right place!


What We Teach at SLS Academy

Our programs cover: 

  • Home staging principles and techniques
  • How to build your portfolio and land your first client
  • Customer service and follow-through service
  • How to handle consultations like a pro (even if you struggle to feel confident)
  • Buyer and seller behaviors & how to be the home staging expert in your area
  • How to evaluate which home repairs get your clients the most bang for their buck
  • Creating a brand strategy for your home staging business
  • How to build and grow your home staging team
  • Working with real estate agents
  • The ins and outs of starting and growing a thriving business (specifically as a home stager)
  • How to price your services and get paid your worth
  • And much much more!


LS Academy is a member of the BBB and is a RESA affiliate. That means we’ve been vetted for professionalism and quality by an independent board. It’s your guarantee that we take the quality of our training very, very seriously. This applies to our service, materials, and online community.

Shauna Lynn has been voted by RESA as one of the top 100 most influential people in real estate staging for 3 years and counting.

And that’s why we offer lifetime access, support, and updates to all our courses
You will always have access to our courses. We want to grow the home staging industry from the ground up. We’re here for the long haul!