RESA - Real Estate Staging Assocation

The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®)

The Real Estate Staging Association was formed in April 2007, by a group of 600 real estate stagers and several home staging training providers with a desire to advance excellence and professionalism in the real estate staging industry, by forming the industry’s first trade association. At that time there were no independent non-profit trade associations that focused on the needs of all stagers regardless of their designations and training, this is still true today.  RESA’s founding members saw a need for neutrality and diversity, an organization to support all stagers regardless of the designations they held and to represent the industry in its entirety. Since RESA’s inception, members and corporate partners have agreed to unify and lead the industry through self-regulation by following a code of ethics and supporting RESA’s mission.

Together through the RESA executive team, RESA leadership, and the RESA Board of Directors, and our members, we have built a community of entrepreneurs and professionals that are stronger together. The RESA community supports, uplifts and encourages one another to continue to grow as an industry. Together, RESA home stagers and affiliates are growing industry awareness and raising expectations.




How does this benefit RESA members?

RESA is not owned by any one person. RESA is the industry’s only trade association funded and directed by its members for the sole purpose of the betterment of the industry. There is no conflict of interest. RESA’s board of directors are elected by the membership and collectively serve to represent their constituency. RESA’s membership consists of real estate stagers of all designations, backgrounds and affiliations, as well as affiliate members who service our industry.  

RESA’s leadership structure consists of roughly forty chapters throughout North America, state and provincial presidents and a national board of directors. RESA provides leadership opportunities for our members in an effort to further the professional development of our members and the industry as a whole.


RESA Partners

RESA Partners with companies and organizations that provide resources that will benefit the industry. RESA only endorses core training and continuing education aligned with our mission and values in advancing the industry. Since RESA is a neutral third party, stagers and the training providers we work with trust that we are acting in their best interest. Because RESA is the industry’s only trade association not owned, operated, or directed by a training provider, consumers rely on our resources and recommendations with confidence.