4 Incredible Ideas on How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

4 Incredible Ideas on How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Are you worried about that ‘not so nice' smell in your home?

Do you feel that it will get noticed once your friends come visiting? Most times you realize that after engaging in various activities around the house, there are unpleasant odors that you need to get rid of immediately.

4. Abandoned microwaves and ovens

5. Bathroom and kitchen sink drains

6. Damp laundry

7. Neglected trash bins

Empty your trash cans daily or as soon as you use them. Remember that different wastes in the dustbins can cause odors in your house. Improve the quality of air in your home by taking them out. If you notice a rotten stink, move the chairs and cabinets and check if there are any dead and decomposing insects and rodents lingering around.

Ventilate all the rooms by opening down all the windows

To prevent air from becoming stale inside your house, open your windows to allow new air in and let the old air out. You should do this daily to keep all the rooms fresh. If you have double-hung windows, it's advisable to open them halfway to let air flow in naturally. The warm air will escape from the top while the colder air gets in from the bottom.

Clean fabrics thoroughly

Carpets, upholstery, and curtains tend to trap unpleasant odors. You need to clean them regularly for a fresher smelling house. Remember to wash cloths in every room to entirely eradicate the bad smells. You can sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on carpets and upholstery and let it sit throughout the night and vacuum it to do away with it. However, you should adhere to the manufacturer's instructions while cleaning to avoid damage.

Spray, burn and smoke out the smells

Incenses, air fresheners, and candles are excellent products to bring sweet fragrances to your home. To avoid your house smelling like a potpourri factory, use complementary or the same scents. You don't want your guests to walk into your house and smell some repulsive scents.

A well-scented clean house is pleasant, pampering, and welcoming. You will notice that your visitors will compliment you before taking a seat. To keep your home always smelling good, you need to clean it thoroughly and check the key areas which need daily or occasional attention to avoid buildup of awful odors. Letting in fresh air is also healthy for you and your guests.

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