7 Reasons for Home Buyers to Fall in Love With Your House

7 Reasons for Home Buyers to Fall in Love With Your House

7 Reasons for Home Buyers to Fall in Love With Your House - A typical home buyer has many options when searching for a new place to call home. So, how can you make a potential buyer fall in love with your home over any other? Read the following seven reasons that can make your home stand out among the numerous houses that a buyer has to choose from. The information in this article is relevant, useful, and important if you're thinking of selling your house in the future.

1) Good Vibes

Potential home buyers rely on their senses to gain valuable information about your home after they take the first step inside your front door. If the interior spaces smell great and look wonderful, a home buyer will get good vibes. Open the drapes, curtains, or blinds and allow natural light to permeate your home. Sunshine makes the interior spaces feel fresh, airy, and energetic. Inspect your furniture, ceiling fans, cabinets, and appliances for dust, grime, and blemishes before a buyer views your home.

You want to portray a home that feels comfortable, clean, updated, and relaxing. A potential home buyer desires a feel-good home. Make sure your house is welcoming and neutral. It's a good idea to remove family photos, pet paraphernalia, visible weapons, and other personal items to minimize any potentially negative distractions for a possible buyer.

2) Great Curb Appeal

A potential buyer who observes stunning curb appeal when seeing your house for the first time becomes instantly attracted to your home and is eager to go inside. Great curb appeal consists of a well-maintained home's exterior -- walls, roof, porch, shutters, doors, and windows. Repair, paint, fix, and replace anything connected to the outside of your home that requires your attention.

Great curb appeal also includes the land where your home is situated. A neatly mowed lawn, pruned bushes and shrubs, well-kept flower gardens, and green grass create the aura of a home that is cared for and maintained properly. Put away outdoor toys, bicycles, lawnmowers, and other loose items that interfere with great curb appeal.

3) Professionally Staged

According to survey information on the Home Staging Resource website, over 81 percent of buyers said it was easier to visualize the staged property as their next home. That's exactly why it's a good idea to hire a professional home stager to stage your home if it's empty. An expert stager will furnish your home with tasteful, appropriate furniture and accessories so a buyer won't have to try to imagine the purpose of a room or how it would appear when furnished.

Even if you are still living in your home, a buyer wants to envision how it would feel to live in your house. Once again, enlist the services of a professional stager to assist you in making your rooms look their best. A stager can suggest personal items that you need to pack, furniture pieces that should be removed, more functional floor plans, painting ideas, and other low-cost repairs or profitable updates.

Sometimes a realtor contracts with a local home stager and agrees to pay for the staging fees. You can also hire a certified home stager on your own with the stager's bill to be paid out of the monetary proceeds when you sell and close on your home. If you are hiring a stager independently, make sure you are aware of the terms in your agreement. For instance, are you doing part of the staging work? How long will the stager leave your vacant home staged before requiring payment? Does the stager charge by the hour for staging or by the job? If furniture rental is involved in staging, how much does it cost?

4) Exceptionally Clean

Is your home spotless? If not, you could be unintentionally driving potential home buyers toward purchasing a cleaner, fresher house elsewhere. Make everything squeaky clean in your home, including some places where you might not have recently looked. For instance, ceiling fans have a way of accumulating visible dust on the blades. However, if you don't look up, you won't see the dust. The same is true for dead bugs entrapped in overhead light fixtures, cobwebs floating from chandeliers, and refrigerator tops filmed over with layers of grime.

You must also address visible dirty issues in your home, such as soiled carpets, marred walls, filthy sinks, and moldy shower stalls. Sometimes you might not even notice the things that require your cleaning attention because you've lived with them for such a long time. Ask a friend to examine your home and jot down a list of items that require maintenance. Remedy those listed eyesores immediately.

Inspect every room in your home and clean each of them regularly. Vacuuming carpets, mopping hard-surface floors, dusting accessories, and scrubbing bathrooms from top to bottom once a week can keep your house looking its best. Certain housekeeping chores, such as cleaning your windows, faucets, countertops, and mirrors until they sparkle can make your home stand out among other homes with a potential buyer.

5) Fresh Paint

Freshly painted walls look new, crisp, and clean. They also appeal greatly to a probable home buyer. Choose interior wall colors that will complement almost any future homeowner's taste and style. Neutral hues are best - gray, white, ivory, and beige. Give the baseboards and interior doors a fresh coat of white paint to add a clean, modern contrast to the walls.

You can also attract homeowners to older, structurally sound cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom by applying a fresh coat of white, gray, or black paint. Don't forget to swap outdated handles and knobs on your cabinets with modern replacements to complete the look.

If your home's exterior paint job is dragging it down, cover it in new paint. Hire a professional painter if you're not up to the task. A potential buyer will be drawn in by a freshly painted exterior. People gravitate toward houses that look new and well-maintained.

6) Comfortable Indoor Climate

If your home feels too hot or too cold, a prospective home buyer may come to the conclusion that your heating system or central air conditioner isn't working properly. A buyer is looking for a well-maintained home, which includes a comfortable indoor climate. Set your thermostat for a comfy temperature before a probable buyer arrives at your house.

You might need to hire an HVAC specialist to inspect your air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater, and thermostat to ensure they work properly. Consider exchanging old, drafty windows and exterior doors with modern, energy-efficient replacements. Updated ceiling fans are an inexpensive way to increase climate control in your home without spending a lot of money.

7) Outdoor Living Space

A home buyer is captivated by magnificent outdoor living spaces. If a buyer can imagine lounging in a backyard hammock or sipping coffee on your screened-in porch, the salability of your home can increase dramatically. A solid, recently stained deck, a covered patio, or a free-standing gazebo in your backyard are attention-grabbers for potential buyers. An in-ground pool filled with clear, sparkling water and surrounded by meticulous landscaping and comfortable lounge chairs provides an entertaining area right outside your back door.

However, ensure that your outdoor living spaces are well kept or they could be the thing that drives a buyer away from purchasing your home instead of being an attraction. Examine your outdoor living spaces for chipping paint, faded stain, unkempt landscaping, broken items, or an overall shabby appearance. A gorgeous, well-kept outdoor area equals additional living space for a future homeowner.

After reading this article, how does your home stack up as a place that buyers will fall in love with? Which of the seven tips do you need to work on to get your house ready to sell? Make a list of items you need to do, create a budget, and carve out the time to prepare your home for a buyer to tour. It might just be love at first sight.

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