8 Tips to Stage a Home's Exterior and Yard

8 Tips to Stage a Home's Exterior and Yard

8 Tips to Stage a Home's Exterior and Yard - Deciding to place your home on the market usually includes some minor repairs and upgrades to increase sales potential. The home's interior receives the bulk of the improvements, and often very little or nothing is done to the outside. It's important to recognize the significance of curb appeal when selling a home. The following suggestions add value and increase buyer interest in your home.

The Lawn

A healthy lawn is a big drawing card to prospective buyers. Edge your walkways, reseed bare and sparse areas, spread a good lawn fertilizer, and get rid of weeds. Water your lawn every day until new grass is growing, and there are no dry brown areas. Keep your lawn mowed for the best appeal.

Shrubs and Flower Beds

Weed flower beds and the area around shrubs. Prune shrubs to look neat and attractive rather than bushy. Remove any dead plants and remove dead flower heads from perennials. Plant new annuals, and place new mulch around both shrubs and flowers.


If you have trees in your front or back yards, be sure any storm-damaged limbs are removed. Check for insect infestations, and treat any that are found. Trim up scraggly branches so your trees look attractive and healthy.


If you have a walkway from the street or driveway to your front entry, be sure it is in good shape. If it contains bricks, flagstone, or pavers, make sure all are in good condition. Remove and replace damaged pieces. If your walkway is gravel or pebbles, plant annuals along the sides to add color and beauty. Solar lights are inexpensive and another way to add charm to your walkway.

Power Wash

Unless your home must have new paint or siding, do a power wash. Dirt and grime accumulated during seasonal changes will be swept away leaving a clean surface. Clean out your gutters at the same time.


Large or small, your porch should wear a fresh coat of new paint. The size of your porch determines how much you can do with it. A large covered porch can comfortably display a couple of outdoor chairs and a table. Hanging plants add charm and color. Plants can also be placed on wide steps.

Entry Door

It's important to have an attractive entry door. If it's faded, repaint. If the door itself is in poor condition, it is worth investing in a new door and good locks. Hang an inviting wreath on the door to welcome potential buyers coming to have a look.

Outdoor Lighting

Dependable outdoor lighting is a safety essential as people go up and down porch stairs and as they walk to their cars. Porch lighting can be on either side of the door and on the ceiling of the porch as well. Pole lighting is often used to light walkways.

These eight tips will create an attractive curb appeal for your home. The first impression a potential buyer has of your home is the view from their parked car. Your home will catch the eye of buyers if your stage your exterior with these suggestions.

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