What type of business entity is RESA?

What type of business entity is RESA?

What type of business entity is RESA? The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®), a 501 c 6 tax-exempt organization, is the trade association for the home staging industry. RESA® members are a global community of professional home stagers, redesigners, decorators, and real estate professionals who are committed to advancing professionalism and excellence in real estate staging.

The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is an Organization registered in the State of California as a Nonprofit Corporation - CA - Mutual Benefit. A nonprofit corporation, specifically in the state of California, is an entity that operates for a mutual benefit. In this context, a mutual benefit implies that the corporation is formed for the purpose of benefiting its members or those connected to the corporation in some way, rather than for the general public or society as a whole. The primary objective of a nonprofit corporation under mutual benefit is to serve the collective interests and needs of its members, which can include organizations, individuals, or both. Nonprofit corporations of this nature often have a clear focus on fulfilling the specific requirements and objectives set forth by their members, which distinguishes them from other types of nonprofit organizations that aim to serve the public or advance charitable causes on a broader scale.

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