7 Home Improvements That Pay Off When You Sell Your Home

7 Home Improvements That Pay Off When You Sell Your Home

When it's time to sell your home, a few home improvements can show off your property in the best light. This increases buyer interest in your home while decreasing the time it takes to sell the home. Here are seven home improvements to start with before putting your house on the market. 

  1. Landscape improvements

Curb appeal starts at the curb, so landscaping improvements really pay off well. At a minimum, mow the lawn and place cheery planters on your stoop. To do more, refresh garden beds with attractive plantings. 

  1. Kitchen updates

 It usually isn't cost-effective to fully remodel the kitchen before selling your home, but a mid-range update may up the selling price of your home, thereby paying you back for the money you spent. Focus your budget on worn-out appliances, dated fixtures, and counter tops; remake cabinets with a fresh coat of paint to complete the mini update on your kitchen. 

  1. Bathroom updates

Like kitchens, bathrooms tend to age quickly. A full bathroom remodel may not be practical, but you can update your bathroom to make it more modern. Put in new lighting, add a storage cubby, and refresh bathroom fixtures to make the space more inviting to modern home buyers. If you have the money to do more, replace dated bathroom tiling. 

  1. Fresh paint

Walls get scratched and stained over time. This is one of the most common upgrades for a good reason: Fresh paint in a neutral color will brighten up your home and make it show well in listing photos. 

  1. Electrical work

If you have an older home, chances are it's short on electrical outlets. Bring in an electrician who can add outlets to your room or install dimmer switches. Modern home buyers want easy access to wall outlets in each room and prefer not to string extension cords through the home. This simple fix will make your home inviting. While the electrician is there, consider replacing dated overhead lights-an inexpensive fix that will make your house seem more modern. 

  1. New garage door 

Replacing your garage door with a new model delivers a huge return on investment: you'll get back close to 98 percent of what you spent replacing the door. Home buyers want high-quality garage doors that keep out water, deter thieves, and enhance the home's aesthetic.

  1. Deck addition 

Outdoor living is a huge trend for home buyers. A deck addition taps into this trend and returns three-quarters of its expense when you sell your home. Since decks extend the living space, there is a natural correlation between putting on a deck and setting a higher price point for your home. 

Your real estate agent has insight into home buyer preferences and trends, so use your agent as a resource. They can advise you on what home improvements are worth it, based on local trends and market timing, so you can focus your efforts and your budget on projects that will have the maximum return on investment.

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