How To Start a Business While Finding Your Perfect Forever Home

How To Start a Business While Finding Your Perfect Forever Home

Running an at-home business requires a significant amount of discipline and dedication. Launching an at-home business while searching for a new home and moving may seem a little overwhelming. With a great plan and some organizational skills, you can pull it off. This brief guide can help.

Let Your Budget Guide You

As you start looking for a new home, the first thing you should do is hire a realtor and give them a hard budget. Prioritize location above all else. Research shows that living in a community you love is more important than buying the perfect home. You can make changes to your home over time, but there is little you can do about your community other than try to be part of it. Additionally, if you find homes you're interested in, ask about HOA standards to ensure you can operate your business at home. Some HOAs don't allow home businesses.

During the buying process, you may come across a home sold "as is" in the perfect area. Purchasing an "as is" home means that the seller will make no guarantees about the structural or aesthetic condition of the home. When you purchase, you take on all the renovation needs. Consult with an attorney before you sign to review the land records and contract to look for any potential red flags. Get a thorough inspection done as well.

Build Your Online Business First

Since you're moving to accommodate your growing business, your company should remain your top priority throughout the process. Work on your online presence first to make sure you're still attracting and retaining customers behind the scenes. Think about upgrading your website using a free online banner creator to increase brand awareness. You can customize one online by generating a template and editing the text, images, colors, and font. You can even add videos or animation to make it pop. Then invest in automation software to keep your website interactive with customers while you take care of your move.

Don't forget to choose a business structure and register your company online. Search your business name to make sure it is available before you create your website. Then, sign up for your employer identification number with the IRS so you can track your business taxes more easily and simply the state and federal income tax filing process.

Let Someone Else Do the Moving for You

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. Trying to move while preparing to launch a business could be overwhelming. Consider hiring a full-service moving company to take care of everything for you. They will do a walk-through of your home to provide an accurate estimate. Then, once hired, they pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack all while you take care of your business. After all your things are gone, you can have a staging company like Home Staging Warehouse prepare the home for open house events.

Prepare Your Launch Prior to Moving

Finally, get everything ready to launch before you relocate. Once you're in your new office space at home and have everything organized and ready for operations, launch your business. The purpose of the full-service moving company is to give you the opportunity to get everything ready to go by the time you're in your new place.

Once you're unpacked and set up in your new home, it's time to take a moment to breathe. You've just been through two major lifetime milestones at once. Allow yourself a little self-care and a weekend of relaxation before you're back at the work.

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  • Jennifer Holbrook