Why You Should Have a Home Inspection on New Construction

Why You Should Have a Home Inspection on New Construction

Why You Should Have a Home Inspection on New Construction - A home inspection is very important to the general home-buying process. Home inspection on new construction is even more important, as many mistakes could be made on new construction. 

Aren’t New Homes Built to Code?

The reality is that many new homes are only built to minimum standards. Most home builders build houses to a level that makes the construction legal. Some do not even reach the legal level. The minimum required by law is going to be worse generally than what the best building practices are. A home inspector will be able to tell you what the quality is of your new construction.

Building codes are national standards. A house in Wisconsin should be built differently than a house in Florida, as the climate is very different. Seismic zones also will be different. A home inspector will be able to tell if the materials and techniques used will work well for your area.

Additionally, because of a lack of funds, local building officials sometimes do not have the time to carefully check new construction for defects. There are a great number of components in every house. You should not expect that your local building officials are going to make sure that your new construction house is perfect. Also, a local building official only has a few hours to inspect a home.

In general, there are many different contractors from different companies working to build a new home. There are manufacturer’s specifications that need to be met for all of the components of a house. Having a third-party home inspector makes sure all the components are working and also reduces the danger to you and your family of something being installed incorrectly.

Common Mistakes with New Home Construction

There are many common mistakes in new construction. Knowing some of the most important parts of a home inspection on new construction is a good idea. A common problem is the installation of the roof. If the roof is incorrectly installed, you might have to completely replace the roof. Structural issues can occur if there is a bad installation of a floor frame or roof truss system.

Another common mistake in new construction is improper installation of insulation. One particular place to look for bad insulation is around recessed lighting. Basement walls should also be checked for proper insulation. Bad insulation can cost you a lot of money every month. Additionally, crawl space ventilation could also not be correctly installed. Eventually, water from condensation could build up and cause a lot of damage to the home.

Another common mistake in new construction is the mechanical space being too small. If the mechanical space is too small, you might not be able to fit all of the appliances. The siding of the house can be another problem. If the siding is incorrectly installed, the siding will need to be replaced. The replacement of the siding can be very costly.

A booster pump that is incorrectly installed and leaks can cause damage to a significant amount of your hardwood floors. You might end up having to replace your hardwood floors. A house is a complex system, and having a home inspection on new construction will make sure that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs.

A house is usually the largest purchase a family makes, investing in a home inspection for your new house is a smart choice. You should be able to obtain a home inspection on every phase of new construction for additional safety with your purchase.

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