What Is the Perfect Smell for Your Open House

What Is the Perfect Smell for Your Open House

What Is the Perfect Smell for Your Open House - Making a successful sale is like listening to Beethoven's Sonata. You need to pay attention to so many details if you want to do it right and have a truly perfect experience. We've covered the topic of staging your home for sale - but what about the smell? If you select the perfect smell for your open house, you're one step closer to making a beneficial deal. 

No smell is the best smell to start with

Before going to the scented candle store, there's one crucial thing to do. Get rid of all the unpleasant aromas that your house might have. To do it right, ask a neighbor or a friend for help. They don't need to be a part of the cleaning process (even though you wouldn't mind, right?) - they need to tell you honestly if some odors are coming from your home. Pay attention to smells like:

  • dust
  • smelly shoes
  • smoke
  • strong food
  • pet-originated ones

Homeowners can easily overlook these. Why? Because your sense of smell adapts to the smell of your residence, and you can't objectively say there's something wrong sometimes. So, thoroughly clean your house before the presentation and don't cook strong food three days prior, and listen to your friend if they say that some odors shouldn't be there.

Put smell-inducing stuff in storage

If you want to make sure that your house is smell-free, it might be a good idea to rent storage services and put some 'critical' items in it. This way, you'll have a safe space for your items, and, at the same time, you won't have as much clutter at home (another critical part of staging before an open house). Storage and moving professionals also say that this will make your life significantly easier once you sell and the time comes to move. After putting all the things you wanted in storage, do a little smell test with your friend again. If they give you thumbs up, you can move to the next stage. 

Cookies are for your grandma's house - fresh is the perfect smell for your open house

It's a common misconception that you get the bonus brownie points for making brownies on presentation day. Yes, many people appreciate the nostalgic smell of grandma's kitchen, and it is one of the most welcoming smells. But, according to studies, offering cookies to prospective buyers of your house is not a practical approach to pique their interest in the property. Instead, the study's findings indicated that keeping to essential smells is the best way to raise sales and the selling price. Why is that? The market nowadays is tailored to suit millennial buyers. And you always need to ask yourself - what do buyers want? Millennials love freshness, technology, and simplicity. So, a cloud of nostalgic childhood memories probably won't do the magic.

Tune the mood with the right smell

Other experts have come up with a selection of four smells that are the best choice for house sellers. A sensory study indicates the fragrance of a house may alter a person's mood. For example, a light flowery aroma may make people happier, while citrus fragrances like lemon and grapefruit tend to have a refreshing impact. Also, vanilla is one aroma that is ubiquitous all over the world. Many people feel that it brings them solace and relaxation.

Consider citrus fruits

Fragrances derived from citrus fruits, such as lemon and orange, are energizing, aromatic, and persistent. These kinds of smells are often found in cleaning products. So, by placing a lemon-scented candle in your living room, you'll make it seem more fresh and clean. As we said before, millennials are supercharging the market now, and they appreciate freshness and cleanness - meaning, you can't do wrong with a little lemon aroma. 

Tea time

A different aroma that is enticing due to its crispness and cleanliness is that of green tea. The aroma, which is fresh and energizing, is terrific for promoting feelings of harmony. If you've just remodeled your bathroom, this could be the perfect scent to go full circle and make an ideal impression on a potential buyer. 

Herbal remedy

Herbs with a spicy scent, such as rosemary, thyme, and basil, are both well-known and refreshing and inviting. This is particularly true in the kitchen. So, adding a bit of rosemary or thyme can be a great way to decorate your kitchen and make it smell great.

Sweet vanilla

Those who were disappointed to learn that freshly made cookies aren't the greatest option could take comfort in the fact that you can imitate that sugary and delicious smell by adding vanilla. The warm and reassuring aroma is a wonderful tool for turning a space into a peaceful haven.

Choose the right tool to spread the scent

Once you have decided and picked the right smell, you'll need the tool to spread it all over your house. Look for these fragrances in candles, diffusers, hot oil plug-ins, or simmer pots to permeate your home with aroma and fill the hearts of prospective buyers with a strong desire to make it their new home.

Why is the smell so important?

Choosing a perfect smell for your open house is not just a thing you do for no good reason. There's solid science behind it. The olfactory bulb, which begins in the nose and goes down the bottom of the brain, processes incoming odors. Then, the amygdala and hippocampus are two brain regions that are strongly linked to emotions and memory, and the olfactory bulb has direct connections to both. This means that a good smell will impact your buyers' emotions - and since humans are emotional beings, it will affect their actions and willingness to make a purchase. It's worth mentioning that these brain regions don't process visual, aural, or tactile (feeling) information. As a result, olfaction may be more potent than any other sense in evoking emotions and memories. So, pick just the right scent for your home, and make it sell in no time!

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