Essential Home Staging Tips for Pet Parents

Essential Home Staging Tips for Pet Parents

Essential Home Staging Tips for Pet Parents - Potential buyers may not share your feelings regarding your pet. Even from persons who are pet owners themselves, displaying signs of pet ownership might greatly discourage possible offers. Most real estate professionals agree that staging your property with a neutral color, for instance, allows purchasers to picture themselves living there. However, despite all the work put into staging, your prospects of selling your property could be ruined if there were signs that you had pets. Buyers will see you and your pets at each step rather than themselves living in their future homes. Pets can be wonderful, devoted friends, but they aren't necessarily a selling feature for houses. Therefore, to help you out, we offer some essential home staging tips for pet parents. Keep reading to see how you can make your home more attractive, even if you own pets.


Caption: One of the first home staging tips for pet parents is to thoroughly clean pet stains. Alt: A person cleaning a carpet of pet stains.

Clean the damages your pets caused

While there are several good pet stain removers on the market, if you overuse them, their fragrance will just mask the smell of the pet. Potential buyers won't smell the air and assume you have a pet if that is the case. Instead, they will realize that you have a pet and try to hide their existence, which is even worse. So instead of masking pet stains, try a natural method for getting rid of pet scents and stains. You need perseverance, vinegar, baking soda, and a vacuum. In addition, consider using a powerful carpet cleaner. However, if the stains are too deep and persistent, do consider replacing the carpet. Ultimately, doing this brings a valuable benefit: raising the property's value.

Hide the evidence

Avoid drawing attention to your pet during house viewing by keeping pet items around. The cat basket, the hamster wheel, and the leashes should all be packed up and put in your car. Food and water bowls, litter boxes, puppy pads, cages, crates, and other items should all be removed. You can rent a storage unit if you don’t have where to keep them hidden in your home. But be aware of the features to look for in a safe storage facility. For instance, make sure it has CCTV. That way, you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

At the same time, ensure to seal the doggie doors. Search your home inside and out for anything else that could indicate an animal lives there. The more you remove, the better the chances no one will know that some paws ever wondered about the place.

Caption: A clean home is more appealing to buyers. Alt: A clean living room.


Keep the house clean

One of the best staging tips you can use, even with a busy family, is to keep your house clean at all times. Particularly for pet owners, the marketability of a property depends on how clean it is. Therefore, cleaning every square inch of your home should be the first thing you do after listing it for sale. And even if you may have long since given up fighting the daily uphill struggle against pet hair, it's time to start again. As a result, remove hair traces, sweep, mop, and dust daily. To make it simpler to reach every nook and beneath every bed, divide your cleaning process into morning and evening sessions. Also, pay extra attention to your bathrooms. Consider cleaning such areas more frequently, as lighter flooring, like white tile, will show more.

Don’t forget the yard

When trying to sell your house, curb appeal is crucial. However, your outside areas might require extra care if you have dogs. You should spend time properly cleaning up after your dogs and sprucing up outdoor spaces with colorful potted plants and new paint. You don't want potential buyers to see, smell, or step into a pet mess. Therefore, as part of the essential home staging tips for pet parents, we recommend you invest in a pet scooper. It will make cleaning up after your dog quicker and less time-consuming. When your property is on the market, you can rapidly prepare for unforeseen showings and scoop effectively any evidence.

Get rid of unpleasant smells

There's a strong possibility that the potential buyer of your home hasn't tuned out to the cat litter box, even though your nose may have done so years ago. Therefore, removing it from the house on time is better, as the smell can linger for a long time. Also, the scent can impregnate carpets and furniture, so clean or remove them if possible. In addition, make sure to refresh the air in your home by keeping the windows open as much as possible. Clean the vents thoroughly to avoid having your eliminated odor re-enter your home. However, use air fresheners with care, as potential buyers may have allergies or other sensitivities to strong aromas. So instead of using an air freshener, look for more natural elements you can bring to your home to refresh the air. For instance, have a small herb garden in the kitchen or freshly cut flowers in the dining area. Not only will they smell beautiful, but they will look pretty too.


Caption: Flowers look and smell lovely in a staged house. Alt: Flowers in a vase on a table.


Move your pets

The basics of home staging tips for pet parents? There is no use in cleaning your home of any evidence you have pets if you keep your furry friends at home. Therefore, try to find them a place to stay when prospective buyers start asking to see your home. Ask family and friends if they can keep your pets or talk to your vet about the possibility of boarding for a couple of days. If possible, you can even relocate your pets to your new place. However, if you can’t move your pets until you sell the property, at least get them out of sight while potential buyers are there. Take dogs for a walk, to the groomer, or to doggy daycare. For other pets, you can hire a professional entertainer that can keep your pet at a different location.

Final words

Who said that staging your home when you have furry friends is impossible? With these home staging tips for pet parents, you will surely succeed. So, when preparing your home for sale, use these easy tips. Your potential buyers won’t ever know a pet lived in your home.

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